Mars Attacks Podcast 33 – Joel Gausten

During this episode of the podcast our guest is author, musician, and host of the show Glory Is Noise, Joel Gausten. Joel discusses his latest book From Sabbath To Satan, the aforementioned show which can be found on, his work with the bands like The Undead, Electric Frankenstein and Pigface. He also describes what it was like being seventeen, in high school and being asked to help out Doyle and Jerry Only while they were trying to resurrect the Misfits. He dispels any rumors regarding his exact involvement in the band, and references a few projects that he is working on, including one with

If you are interested in purchasing any of his books, go to

The episode features the following songs:

Misfits – Mars Attacks
Killing Joke – The Great Cull
Prong – Prove You Wrong
Bill Ward – Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays)

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Mars Attacks Podcast 29 – Dan Lorenzo & Scott LePage From Hades

The latest episode of Mars Attacks Podcast features interviews with Hades guitar tandem Dan Lorenzo, and Scott LaPage. The first half of the episode contains an interview with Scott in which he touches on his new band The Freeze Tag Assassins, his blues playing and the Hades reunion (among other things). During the Dan Lorenzo segment, he discusses not only the Hades show, but being featured in Moshed Potatoes, the soon to be released Hades and Non-Fiction split DVD, the possibility of their being new music from either band, and the current status of The Cursed which features Blitz from Overkill, and Scream Metal the cover band he shares with Alan Tecchio (also of Hades and Non-Fiction) and Mark Strigl, and John Ostronomy of Talking Metal fame.

Dan not being one to mix words has some interesting comments regarding the Big 4, and alludes to the fact that Hades was playing a certain Joe Jackson cover well in advance of another New York Tri-state area band.

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Mars Attacks Podcast Episode 14 – Airbourne & Age OF Evil

Episode 14 of Mars Attacks Podcast contains two interviews. One with Airbourne rhythm guitarist David Roads, and another with Age Of Evil frontman Jeremy Goldberg.

Dave discusses the band’s success, the pressure (or lack thereof) when recording No Guts No Glory the follow up to their highly successful album Runnin’ Wild. He also discusses his gear, and whether or not he has every thought of joining lead singer/guitarist Joel O’Keeffe up in the rafters during a show.

Jeremy discusses Age of Evil’s EP Get Dead, their previous work with Marty Friedman and their desire to work with various hard rock and metal legends including Rob Halford. Jeremy also comments on what it was like touring with Jon Oliva’s Pain, and what their dream tour would be.

Topics covered during this episode are:

David Roads, Joel O’Keeffe, Marshall, Gibson Guitars, Lemmy, Download Festival, WWE, No Guts No Glory, Runnin’ Wild, Airbourne, Bob Marlette, Johnny K, Seymour Duncan, Status Quo, Ampeg Amps, Slash, Aerosmith, NASCAR, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Motorhead, AC/DC, Age of Evil, Get Dead, Motley Crue, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen, Guns N Roses, Chad Kroeger, Jon Oliva, Jon Oliva’s Pain, Savatage, Gravedigger, Rebellion, Skid Row, Judas Priest, Girlschool, Marty Friedman, Megadeth, Cacophony, Jason Becker, Rob Halford, Nuno Bettencourt, Extreme, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Iron Maiden, W.A.S.P., Marshall JCM 800, JCM 900, Gibson Les Paul, Jackson Custom Shop Guitars, Jackson Custom Shop Bass, DW Drums, Seymour Duncan Pickup, Sacred Reich, Dave Ellefson, F5, Flotsam & Jetsam, Soulfly, NAMM.

Mars Attacks Episode 12 – Dan Lorenzo & Misery

During this episode we have two interviews, one with Dan Lorenzo from Hades, The Cursed, and Non-Fiction. With Dan we discuss his entire musical career, covering all of the bands listed above, his solo work, and his involvement in Screaming Metal. We also discuss his love for basketball, various festivals, musical influences, etc.

The other interview included in this episode is conducted with brothers Joe and John from the band Misery. This interview with was conducted as a way to prepare for the release of their debut album. This interview goes over all of the basic information surrounding the band, touching on how the band got together, how they transitioned to be the band they are today, what is was like working with Joey Z, among other things. We’re planning on doing a follow up once the album has been released.

Tracks heard during this interview include:

Keep It Together – Dan Lorenzo
Save You – Misery
Take The Power Back – Misery
A Flower Without Sun – The Greatest Fear
In The Know – Non-Fiction
Absorbed – Hades
Evil In The Bag – The Cursed

Topics covered during both interviews include:

Misery, Visions Of Disorder, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Korn, Joey Z, Life Of Agony, Pantera, Super Metal Records, Method Of Groove Studios, System Two Studios, Metal Army America, Type O Negative, Devil Driver, Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Free Reign, Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth, Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Aerosmith, Heaven & Hell, Dio, Steppin Out Magazine, Mark Strigl,, The Cursed, Tim McGillis, Big Blue Meanie, Non-Fiction, In The Know, Room Full Of Sinners, Overkill, Savatage, Pete Steele, Tom Coughlin, Hades, Bang Your Head Festival, Twisted Sister, Jimmy Shulmann, Scott LePage, Kevin Bolembach, Infernophonic, Keep It True, Alan Tecchio, Watchtower, Rick Colaluca, Ron Jarzombek, Doug Keyser, Zakk Wylde, Gary Howe, Dimbag Darrell, ZZ Top, Waken Festival, Metal Blade Records, JJ French, Lamour, Dave Mustain, Cassius King, Draw The Line, Talking Metal on Fuse, Screaming Metal, John Ostronomy, Ron Lipnicki, Metal Mike, Halford, Rob Dukes, Exodus, John Kosco, St. Caine, Drop Box, Steve Zing, Danzig, Mark Tornillo, T.T. Quick, Accept, Ace Frehley, Anomaly, C.C. Banana, Merciful Hate, Riot, Swords And Tequila, Judas Priest, Testament, Megadeth, Priest Feast, Cory Proctor, Mark Colombo, Scott Stapp, P.O.D., Don Jamison, Jim Florentine

Mars Attacks Podcast 8 – Interview With Bobby Rock

During this episode I’m joined by former Vinnie Vincent Invasion drummer Bobby Rock. Items discussed during this interview are why the Invasion broke up, various Vinnie Vincent rumors, why Robert Fleischman left the band, and if he would ever play with Vinnie again. Other items discussed include recording with Nitro, Nelson and all things fitness as well as authoring several books.

To read more about this interview check out the Talking Metal Wire

Items discussed include:

Bobby Rock, Vinnie Vincent, Robert Fleischman, Vinnie Vincent’s Invasion, Sweet Savage, Dana Strum, Joey Jones, Rare Earth, Def Leppard, Mutt Lange, Myron Grambacher, Pat Benatar, Chet Akins, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Godsmack, W.A.S.P., Stet Howland, Gary Hoey, Fred Coury, Cinderella, Warrant, Whitesnake, Rock Never Stops, Slaughter, Rudy Sarzo, Bruce Kulick, John Corabi, Tony Montana, Dee Snider, Mark Slaughter, Blas Elias, Slaughter, All Systems Go, Nitro, Michael Angelo Batio, Nelson, Monster Circus, Carnival Of Souls, Zentoria, Chrysilis Records, Enigma Records, Hypothetical Erotica, Zentoria, Poison, Aerosmith, Great White, Twisted Sister

The following Vinnie Vincent Invasion tracks are played during the episode:

Boyz Are Gonna Rock
Ashes To Ashes