Mars Attacks Podcast 18 – Cancer Bats & Testament

During this episode we have two very special interviews, one with the legendary Chuck Billy of Testament and Dublin Death Patrol and another with Liam Cormier of the Canadian band Cancer Bats. Items discussed during the Chuck Billy segment include the Rust In Peace Tour, the recording of new albums by Testament and Dublin Death Patrol as well as the expanded rerelease of DDP’s debut album. He also dispels any rumors regarding Alex Skolnik’s original parting with the band, discusses how cancer has changed his life, and gives his opinion on the term “The Big Four”. During the segment with Liam we discuss the recording process of Bears, Mayors, Scraps & Bones, the multitude of sub-genres associated to the band, and covering various acts among other things.

During this episode you’ll hear the following songs:

Cancer Bats – Doomed To Fail, Dead Wrong and Savatage
Testament – F.E.A.R., Hail Mary, and Eyes Sewn Shut

Mars Attacks Episode 11 – Ratt & Anew Revolution

During episode 11 we interview Frank Salvaggio from Anew Revolution and Robbie Crane from Ratt. Both are very stand up guys, very easy to talk to, and furthers my belief of having just a normal conversation with artists as opposed to doing a “Kent Brockman” type interview (sorry I say Trent during the episode).

In any event, we touch on the following items during the interviews, from Frank’s side his past in Slaves On Dope, putting Anew Revolution together, song writing, gear, etc. With Robbie we talk about Juan Croucier, Vince Neil, being in the band for roughly 15 years, Infestation, the drama surrounding the band, etc.

During the episode you will hear parts of the following songs:

Anew Revolution’s “Head Against The Wall” & “Ashes From Stone” both come off of the bands recently released iMerica
Ratt’s “Eat Me Up Alive”, “Best Of Me” & “A Little Too Much” all off of their latest release Infestation

Other items discussed:

Anew Revolution, Slaves On Dope, Unloco, E1 Music, Bill Meis, Frank Salvaggio, Joey Duenas, Ozzfest, Taproot, Sugar Ray, 311, Lemonade & Brownies, Snot, Drowning Pool, Nonpoint, Limp Bizkit, Shinedown, Sevendust, Gojira, Marilyn Manson, Hatebreed, Journey, Killswitch Engage, Projekt Revolution, Kittie, Insane Clown Possie, Coolio, Tara McLeod, Ivy Vujic, Randall Amps, Pearl Drums, Sabian Cymbals, ESP Guitars, Metallica, EMG Pickups, Ratt, Vince Neil, John Corabi, Motley Crue, Carved In Stone, Dust Brothers, Brent Woods, Kid Rock, Beastie Boys, Young MC, Tone Loc, Funky Cold Medina, Exposed, Steve Stevens, Paul’s Boutique, Phil Sousan, Out Of The Cellar, Vertex, Stephan Piercy, Al Pitrelli, Juan Croucier, Carlos Cavazo, Quiet Riot, Metal Health, Condition Critical, Robyn Crosby, Bobby Blotzer, Warren DiMartini, Michael “Elvis” Baskette, Roadrunner, Loud And Proud, Infestation, Fender Precision Bass, Rotosound Strings, Marshall Amps, Ampeg Amps, Hiwatt Amps, Steve Harris, John Entwistle, Metal Army America, Talking Metal, Mark Strigl Radio, Background Noise, Van Halen, Dan Lorenzo, Hades, Non-Fiction, The Cursed, Misery, Chad Gray, Mudvayne, Cory Taylor, Slipknot